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At Infobahn Solutions we provide full range of consulting and implementation services around data. Starting from Strategy and Roadmap to Simulation and Predictive Analytics. Our Strategy and Roadmap service help un-trap nuggets of information trapped in data, and subsequently create a roadmap to build an end to end analytic environment.

In order to achieve the stated goals of the roadmap, we typically build a foundational analytic environment by identifying data needs, modeling a data warehouse & master data, creating ETL data flows to integrate internal and external data sources in a Data Warehouse and an MDM environment. Finally, create business intelligence, reporting, predictive analytics and simulation solutions on top of the structured analytic environment. We also support data integration needs of enterprises by migrating, consolidating data and building both real time and batch interfaces between applications.


Information Management

Organizations are experiencing an increasing need for Information Management along new data analytic capabilities, more real-time process execution and access to new enterprise data sources. An enhanced passenger experience is driving organizations to expand their data management capabilities to enable advanced analytics and data science.


Program and Project Management

Agile Program & Project Management plays a critical role in ensuring that projects meet operational, cost, mission and strategic related goals. Organizations are adopting agile at a rapid pace, which can pose challenges for even the most agile teams to manage the various programs and projects that they are asked to deliver. Infobahn can help your organization identify and address these issues early, which can increase effectiveness and program success. 


Strategic Consulting

Organizations are seeing the amount of data they collect increase exponentially which results in a new set of challenges. Often, stakeholders have low confidence in data due to inconsistent definitions and differing answers to the same question. There is reluctance to share data and inability to get timely access to it.


Digital Transformation

Infobahn Solutions helps organizations identify opportunities for innovation and stay competitive. Customer expectations are rising and businesses need to stay fresh or risk losing valuable customers to their competitors. Our Digital Transformation solutions and services help our clients to identify the gaps in their strategy and invest in the best open technologies, offering key insights to drive their digital strategy.


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