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Making Notes

Strategic Consulting

Infobahn partners with an organization’s key stakeholders to ensure the following key questions regarding the organization’s data are answered:

  • Is our Enterprise Information Management strategy capable of delivering against the organization’s vision and business objectives?

  • Do we have all the data available to answer business questions?

  • What is the confidence in our quality of data and do we have the necessary controls in place?

  • Do I have the right level of security in place and are we protected from internal and external threats?

  • Are we able to meet internal and external data regulations both now and in the future?

Emerging capabilities should be managed as part of an overall data governance capability that provides a holistic approach to assess structure, rigor, and quality of data within an organization.

Infobahn focuses on interaction between processes, applications and data flows to conceptually understand the overarching data model and flow of data across the enterprise. We perform in-depth architecture, business process and data flow analysis to understand the current state and also provide the recommendations for a comprehensive roadmap to achieve the target state of a data driven organization.

We help organizations develop an action oriented organizational roadmap that sets the direction on the type of capabilities that Analytics will provide to the business stakeholders. We develop end-to-end analytics capability from identifying the business cases, prototyping and identifying analytical modeling tools, and scale of the data as well as the extensibility of the Analytics platform


Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
Analytics Governance
Analytics Center of Excellence
Analytics Assessment, Technology fit/gap analysis
Data Quality Audit and Risk Assessment

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